LaserTag Notes
(Last Update: 9/30/07)

Many Changes in Summer 2007 for USPS Tray and Sack Tags.

LaserTag for Windows is in compliance with the USPS changes implemented this summer in Tray and Sack shipping tags. Perhaps the best layout of the scope of mailings shipped in trays and sacks is found in Exhibit 6.1.4 of the DMM. In fact, the mailing category expressions used in LaserTag are taken from this Exhibit. Find the type of mailing for which you need to print tags in this Exhibit and it will be easy to select both the correct 'Type of Mailing' in the Middle Data Tier of LaserTag and the particular discount level category for any desired tag.

As a result of a Customer request, LaserTag also includes some Tags not found in Exhibit 6.1.4. These are for two new categories of mail shipment: Express and Priority "Open and Distribute" mail. You may find these discussed in 16.5.2 of the DMM. Since Express and Priority mail are included in Exhibit 6.1.4, I don't know why these extensions are not included in the current version of the exhibit. In any case, they are included in the 4th Quarter release of Lasertag!

The extensive changes in summer of '07 became 'the straw that broke the camel's back' for the DOS version of LaserTag. It is no longer cost-effective to maintain and support that version of LaserTag. If any users of the DOS version need assistance in switching to the Windows version they should contact Glick Associates, Inc.


(Update: 11/23/06)

New DPV (Data Point Validation) Requirement for Postage Discount Qualification

Beginning August 1, 2007, CASS Certification must include the assignment of the two character Delivery Point for records to qualify for postage discounts. This requirement is driven by the USPS need to reduce the number and cost of "undeliverable as addressed" records that slip through the current CASS procedure that assigns the +4 of the Zip Code based upon the five digit Zip falling within a valid range. This does not guarantee that every resulting nine digit Zip Code address actually exists and is deliverable. The DPV assignment will guarantee that every qualifying address actually exists. Mailers benefit by eliminating the cost of mailing to undeliverable addresses that still make it through the current non-DPV CASS procedure.

Some Mailers+4 customers have already been including the DPV module with their annual Mailers+4 subscription to take advantage of the DPV refinement. Since the projected mandate for including it, Melissa Data has reduced their price of the DPV module from $690 to $400. You can include the DPV module with your next renewal of Mailers+4 and start using it right away. Or you can wait to add the DPV module until the July/August bimonthly release when it will become mandatory. The $400 cost at that time will be prorated to the proportion of the remainder of your subscription at that time. Beginning with the March/April '07 release, the DPV module will be incorporated within the single Mailers+4 CD.


4th Quarter 2006 Release Notes

1. Two-Inch High Sack Tags

The USPS is converting to a single, two-inch high shipping tag for both Trays and Sacks. Two-inch high Sack tags can be used now. No deadline has been specified for terminating the use of one-inch tags. The content and barcode of the Sack Tag will remain unchanged. The new Tag holders will accommodate either one or two inch high tags. However, if you use one inch tags you will have to have to manually secure them with tape so they don't fall out. The 3rd quarter 2006 release incorporates the ability to meet the new requirement:

Windows version: Click 'LaserTag'and then 'Select Printer and Tag Specs'. For printing with laser printers, change the Tag Height to the same height you use for Tray tags, typically 1.98. For direct thermal printers, change both the Page Height and Tag Height to the corresponding values you use for Tray tags. Note that you can continue to use up your one-inch high card stock; every other one-inch high tag will be blank.

DOS version: The software has been modified to offer the option of printing two-inch high Sack tags. Again, only the top half of the tag will be printed; you can print on either one or two inch high stock. The changes are implemented for both laser and direct thermal printers.

2. Zebra Bars Dropped

The prominent, vertical or slanted 'zebra bars' on First Class Mail tray tags is no longer required by the USPS. The 4th quarter, 2006, LaserTag update will no longer print the 'zebra bars'.


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